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July 3, 2008

Well, it’s nice to see humanity, competence and compassion . . .

First, from the “thonk ‘eavin for leetel guhls” deparment, we have this:

(CNN) — The uncle of a 12-year-old Vermont girl whose body was found Wednesday was charged with kidnapping, a federal prosecutor said Thursday . . .

“An autopsy was taking place Thursday on the body of Brooke Bennett, and the suspect, Michael Jacques, could face further charges if the death is ruled a homicide, U.S. Attorney Thomas Anderson said . . .

“Jacques was arrested Sunday on a charge of sexually assaulting another young girl, according to an affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Burlington, Vermont.

“Ray Gagnon, Brooke’s former stepfather, has been charged with sexually assaulting the same child. Gagnon also faces a federal obstruction of justice charge and is due in court Monday . . .

“Brooke’s body was found in a fresh grave off a road in Randolph, a town about 60 miles southeast of Burlington, a week after she disappeared.

“It appears to be foul play,” Col. James Baker, director of the Vermont State Police, said Wednesday.

“Information gathered in a search of Jacques’ home led police to the grave site, Baker said, but he provided no details.

“The girl Jacques is accused of assaulting told detectives that he had been having sex with her since she was 9, according to the affidavit. She also told investigators she had a sexual encounter with Gagnon in June 2007, the affidavit said.

“The girl recounted how when she was 9 she found a note under her pillow that said she had been chosen to be in a program for sex called “Breckenridge,” the affidavit said. She was told that her “trainer” was Jacques. She told authorities that to graduate she had to attain a 75 percent on “how you perform.”

“According to the affidavit, the girl said Jacques picked Brooke up on June 25 and told her they would be going to a party. The girl told police she understood Brooke would be “taken into the ‘Breckenridge’ program that day, and that she would have sex with adult males.”

“The girl said that she, Brooke and Jacques then went to Jacques’ home, where the two girls watched television until the man asked Brooke to come upstairs with him. The girl said she never saw Brooke again and that Jacques ordered her to lie about what happened that day, according to the affidavit . . .”

Recently, I had a conversation with a co-worker on a recent court decision against a state legislature;s attempt to make child rape a capital crime. I agreed with the court that doing so was a slippery slope that conceivably couldĀ  lead back to other crimes becoming a death penalty issue.

I still agree with that. Child molesters should be alive to enjoy the well-deserved attention they receive in prison, and they should be able to bask in that attention for life.

On the other hand, raping a child and then killing herĀ  certainly rates a death sentence. They should not receive the anaesthetic and narcotic, however, before getting that excruciating IV bolus of potassium chloride ripping through their blood vessels.

As for tonight’s second entry, from “Do no harm” department . . .

NEW YORK (CNN) — To people around the world who have seen the video, Esmin Green is a symbol of a health-care system that seems to have failed horribly . . .

“Green, 49, is shown rolling off a waiting room chair at King County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, on June 19. She lands face-down on the floor, convulsing.

“Surveillance video captures her lying on the floor for more than an hour as several hospital workers see her and appear to ignore her. She died there . . .”

I hope they rot in hell too.

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