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September 18, 2008

It’s unreal, the suffering . . .

I have to take a break from Palin and McCain, given that I’m so underwhelmed with their collective intellectual, spiritual and philosophical depth. So why not a little more Electric Light Orchestra, before they went irreversably disco and dance? ~M will share my creeping nostalgia, and Stiletto can shake her head at the old folks.

Hey, it was cool when I was in high school . . .


Ocean Breakup/New World Rising and Dreaming of 4000



September 12, 2008

At least Archie doesn’t tell me to ‘stifle yourself’ . . .

Leave it to Archie to inflict delicious agony whilst I grow weary from despair over our new pretender to the vice presidency. And in a bow to one of his more painful efforts

Come to think of it, Jeff Lynne anticipated our new wicked witch of the north by about 33 years, so have a little more . . .


March 12, 2008

Album covers from my high school years . . . .

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 I wish I still had all my old vinyl. The downside of getting old – CD covers are not as enjoyable as vinyl jackets.

And yep, I had all of them . . . .

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