Frontier Former Editor

May 15, 2008

Another entry in the “I kid you not” department . . .

and quite possibly at the same convenience store where Stiletto had her ‘night of the zombie doughnut’ moment just over a year ago (or was it two?).

I was driving back from taking a relative to the ophthalmologist today, and stopped at said convenience store (Interstate 81, Va. exit 14) to relive myself and buy a soda. After entering the men’s room and flipping on the light switch, I was greeted by an approximately 20″ by 20″ placard above the crapper, announcing “God Bless America”  and displaying a wind-furled American flag.

The only thing missing was Kate Smith, which may have been a good thing seeing that it was the men’s room and that I’ve never quite thought of Kate Smith as a public restroom-trolling whore.

Maybe it was a sign (metaphysically or spiritually speaking) or merely appropriate commentary on the current election season.

Stiletto: I didn’t see a Krispy Kreme case here, but that could be because the Bristol, Va. Krispy Kreme closed back in 2002.

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