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October 11, 2007

And in case you forgot what the worst song in the world is . . .

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here’s a reminder. I had to listen to it tonight as muzak in a local store, so why should I suffer alone.


No wonder I cackled my ass off years ago when Jerry Lee Lewis recalled how he scared the crap out of Anka during a record lable showcase tour back in the 50’s.

But to show that I’m not Mengele-like in my cruelty, here’s a little antidote:

September 23, 2007

Sunday night funk for white guys

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In my never-ending subliminal quest to find rhythm, here’s a little vintage bit from Was (Not Was). Give it 1:46 and you’ll see why  . . . .


Frankly, it gives P-Funk a run for their money . . .

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