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October 3, 2007

Insanity as usual

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Rant to come . . . .

And for the rant . . . .

Before we hear any more from Democrats about how the troop withdrawal is a little more complex than just getting them out, or from the Republicans about how pulling out is capitulation and backsliding from the war on terror, let’s consider that none of them have really bothered to read a good history book or several hundred.

In 2002, we (meaning 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and Congress) basically stepped on a porch, kicked out a porch column and left this country holding up the roof while a nest of yellowjackets came out to say hello.

Meanwhile, several graphics firms have made a small fortune from their excess magnetic commemorative ribbon production capacity.

We’re well on the way to 4,000 American soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen killed in what can quite accurately and technically described as a colonial occupation exactly like those exercised by England, France and other nations in decades and centuries past.

The administration crowed about how tribal leaders in Iraq have allied themselves with American forces in the fight against al Qaida in a war ostensibly designed to bring democracy to Iraq. Let the irony of that percolate for a few minutes.

In many ways, Bush’s minions can be described as a collective, half-assed Clive of India.

I won’t even deal with the irony of Bush promoting democracy in Iraq when his administration has tried to gut it at home.

It’s quite likely that we’ll be in Iraq in one form or fashion for decades because we destabilized a region vital to our current energy status quo. Solar panels and biomass fuels aren’t pulling us out of this one.

We have an administration hellbent on proving that they’re no Neville Chamberlain when, in fact, they’re doing a damned fine job of proving that they’re a repeat of Anthony Eden circa 1956.

And Seymour Hersh (see above) – who most of the time has pretty damned good sources – is giving us a peek at how American foreign policy has become dominated by the Captain Ahab syndrome. Yeah, I’d pretty much expect us to light off another regional powderkeg in the name of protecting Iraq’s right to territorial sovereignty.

And the American public? Well, it’s nice to see that we’re finally showing disapproval of the Bush administration’s foreign policy. A shame that it came now instead of when all that half-assed boogeyman intelligence was being put together into charts and photoboards at the White House Kinko’s.

I’m really not sure who’s the greater enemy of the Constitution – George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Congress, or the people who let them get anywhere near a position of power – namely, us.

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