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May 31, 2007

And who said “The Stand” couldn’t happen?

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Scenario: Person has potentially, virulently, infectious disease. Person has overwhelming desire to so something personally meaningful. Person manages to bypass every public health control measure and travel across an ocean and back before voluntarily turning himself in to authorities.

Public health authorities get mealy-mouthed about how person isn’t that infectious, but also expand daily their range of other persons who may have been subject to possible infection.

Case in point: A U.S. Navy pilot in 1942 had incipient yet uninfectious TB, which was not detected by doctors or flight surgeons until said pilot underwent a rapid altitude change while dive-bombing a Japanese carrier at Midway. Pilot returned to his carrier, coughing up blood and showing full-blown TB symptoms.

Now we have a TB carrier who decides that his wedding is more important than any concerns about infecting others.

And we’re worried about box-cutter-carrying terrorists on airliners?

In my view, THIS is that kind of circumstance where the public good clearly supercedes any concept of individual rights.

I hope his wife divorces his ass.

Update: Especially now that I know he’s a lawyer . . . .

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