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March 27, 2011

Space-clearing oddities . . .

Wal-Mart is still the top-grossing spectator sport in the South, far in excess of NASCAR. Especially when one wanders through the local Wal-Mart  to peek at what’s in the various, strategically-placed bargain bins. CD’s and DVD’s have been the latest and most popular fire-lane obstructions in the chain’s loss-leader marketing.

On Thursday, I think I might have made two significant cultural discoveries in a CD bin – possible the two shortest, commercially released music CD’s in U.S. history: Kenny G Super Hits and Vanilla Ice Greatest Hits.

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars . . . .

August 24, 2008

And for what could very well rival any song that William Shatner ever interpreted . . .

Dawn, singing Steely Dan . . . .

While I still think Paul Anka has the championship title of worst song in the world, I’m amazed that this duo managed to suck every bit of angst, despair, irony and darkness out this song.

March 13, 2008

Somebody finally recognizes Nelly Furtado for what she really is . . .

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a mediocre plagiarizer of styles.

I have to confess. Daryl Hall and John Oates could be fun to listen to, but Hall also apparently has a biting sense of humor (courtesy of Best of the Fests):

(FYI, Daryl scored extra cool points for altering the lyrics of the “Maneater” chorus to: “Whoa-oh, here she comes/Watch out boy, she’ll steal your song/Whoa-oh, here she comes/Her name is Nelly Furtado.” Classic!)

 Every time I’ve tried to listen to Nelly Furtado and give her the benefit of the doubt, she bores me to tears.

Now,  I’m not talking about great art in either case, but judge for yourself.


Of course, I’m not ruling out the possibility that I’m a complete schmuck without any taste in music, but what the hey . . .

October 11, 2007

And in case you forgot what the worst song in the world is . . .

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here’s a reminder. I had to listen to it tonight as muzak in a local store, so why should I suffer alone.


No wonder I cackled my ass off years ago when Jerry Lee Lewis recalled how he scared the crap out of Anka during a record lable showcase tour back in the 50’s.

But to show that I’m not Mengele-like in my cruelty, here’s a little antidote:

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