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March 27, 2011

Space-clearing oddities . . .

Wal-Mart is still the top-grossing spectator sport in the South, far in excess of NASCAR. Especially when one wanders through the local Wal-Mart  to peek at what’s in the various, strategically-placed bargain bins. CD’s and DVD’s have been the latest and most popular fire-lane obstructions in the chain’s loss-leader marketing.

On Thursday, I think I might have made two significant cultural discoveries in a CD bin – possible the two shortest, commercially released music CD’s in U.S. history: Kenny G Super Hits and Vanilla Ice Greatest Hits.

Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars . . . .

April 13, 2010

Philosophical question:

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What’s the difference between the Spencer Davis Group . . .

and the Chicago Transit Authority?

It’s obvious. More cowbell.

December 25, 2008

Not that happy a Christmas

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Eartha Kitt

Harold Pinter

October 11, 2008

Small town surreality

Blogger’s log, earth date 10-10-08.

Walking the dog in the neighborhood park. The not-so-dark Dark One exercises her normal restraint when confronted by one of the neighborhood cats, staring at it as it sits on top of a storm drain giving NSDDO a dirty look. Both creatures leave it at that.

The neighborhood Mexican restaurant’s smells drift across the main drag, a block of houses and churches and into the park. I’d eaten there not an hour earlier, and the smell of carnitas (shredded, spiced pork roast) wafts across an unusually warm October night breeze. Incidentally, my order of carnitas was excellent.

(Note to Stiletto: I can have pork and you can’t.)

The sounds of the local high school Friday night football game halftime also blare across the rail yard and the main drag. Then comes the announcement.

“The Burton Raiders Marching Band plays the music of Danny Elfman!”

And not one Oingo Boingo song in the set. One would have expected at least “Dead Man’s Party.” If the Burton Raiders Marching Band is reading this, please consider modifying the set.

Blogger’s log, out.

September 18, 2008

It’s unreal, the suffering . . .

I have to take a break from Palin and McCain, given that I’m so underwhelmed with their collective intellectual, spiritual and philosophical depth. So why not a little more Electric Light Orchestra, before they went irreversably disco and dance? ~M will share my creeping nostalgia, and Stiletto can shake her head at the old folks.

Hey, it was cool when I was in high school . . .


Ocean Breakup/New World Rising and Dreaming of 4000



September 3, 2008

A free drinking game for those bleak days leading to the first Tuesday in November

Get a bottle of your favorite rotgut, play this with the volume wayyyyy up, and yell ‘Bristol Palin’ every time you hear ‘Debbie Gibson’ . . .

I’ve also included a helpful guide to add extra zest to this handy little game (with apologies to Mojo):

Bristol Palin is pregnant with my two 
party love child
It’s a indy baby all covered on Fox now
Stark raving fundy in the family values nation

We were secretly married out in Anchorage
at a little bitty chapel, 
Ted Stevens married us
rootin tootin, ain’t high falutin’

John McCain is a pantywaist, match my butt with his face
He’s teeny tiny two inches of terror, they’re all gonna
scare you
Hairbrained cockamamie knuckleheaded idjit galoot

No truth to the rumor about Levi and Bristol P —
only went to the motel, just to watch a little TV
Hate that kid, he must die

Saxophone solo

J-J-J-J-J-Jenna B, is wrestling in jello
Body slamming Bristol P, they’re covered head
to toe
h*** on, my h*** on

Repeat first verse

I’m stark raving fundy in the family values nation
Stark raving fundy in the family values nation
Stark raving fundy in the family values……….nation…….!!

August 24, 2008

And for what could very well rival any song that William Shatner ever interpreted . . .

Dawn, singing Steely Dan . . . .

While I still think Paul Anka has the championship title of worst song in the world, I’m amazed that this duo managed to suck every bit of angst, despair, irony and darkness out this song.

Playing with Movie Maker and old Cold War literature

I’ve been thinking years about doing this, and finally got around to it . . .

August 21, 2008

I’m just nuts about Brazil (and I had the measles 41 years ago)

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In honor of Max’s recovery from an apparent case of measles (by the way, if you had gone to the public health dept, you could have been case No. 132 reported in the last few weeks) and her potential phobia of South American nuts . . . .

Pink Martini and China Forbes

I had a rip-roaring case of stomach flu once, just hours after eating Vienna Cremes cookies, and I couldn’t touch the things again for 10 years because of the memory of how well they reverse direction.


August 17, 2008

Call me perverse, but

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I happen to find this bit of dichotomy touching, despite it being a love song to a straight razor . . .


And one for Stiletto, since she likes The Band . . . . (Go to comment #2 for a working link or go here: . For some reason, it won’t allow an embed or .

Robbie Robertson (also directed by Martin Scorcese, but he didn’t have to hide a rock of coke in Robbie’s nostril like he did with Neil Young in ‘The Last Waltz’)
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