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April 12, 2006

Immigration – I forgot to post this last week

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God love Molly Ivins. Read this column on immigration from March 30; it’s simple but elegant

(Note: the Creators link automatically updates to the current Ivins column, so use the archives link to go to the March 30 column – thanks)

Immigration 101 for beginners and non-Texans (March 30, 2006) from

AUSTIN, Texas — Immigration 101 for beginners and non-Texans.

In 1983, I was a judge at the Terlingua Chili Cookoff, and my memory of the events may not be perfect — for example, for years I’ve been claiming Jimmy Carter was president at the time, but that’s the kind of detail one often loses track of in Terlingua.

Anyway, it was ’83 or some year right around there when we held The Fence climbing contest. See, people talked about building The Fence back then, too. The Fence along the Mexican border. To keep Them out.

At the time, the proposal was quite specific — a 17-foot cyclone fence with bob wire at the top. So a test fence was built at Terlingua, and the First-Ever Terlingua Memorial Over, Under or Through Mexican Fence Climbing Contest took place. Prize: a case of Lone Star beer. Winning time: 30 seconds.[]

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