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October 14, 2007

I think I’ll try for their next advertising contract . . .

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photo by AP

September 30, 2007

Got milk? or, dairy screamer

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This article is worth a read, even if you don’t care about basic physics, specific gravity or physical characterics:

“Stand by, Knightrider,” he said. “Supply wants you to move a load of milk back to home plate for dispersal. How many gallons can we load, max?”

With our fuel load, we could lift about 7,000 pounds, but I hadn’t a clue as to how many gallons of milk that would be. I looked over at Dave, my copilot. “Any idea what milk weighs?”

From Air and Space Magazine (

July 8, 2007

Note to Department of Defense – don’t outsource PR either

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As if the U.S. Army doesn’t have enough public relations issues these days, I bring you the following snippet of a recent Army pop-up ad:


The helicopter hovering in the left of this banner – an Aerospatiale Gazelle – is not even in the U.S. Army’s front-line or support inventory unless there’s a test/evaluation example tucked away somewhere.

Unless, of course, someone at the Pentagon or at Halliburton surreptitiously switched the Army’s helicopter inventory with that of the French Army . . . .

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