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September 14, 2007

Now THIS could get me to duct-tape a hamster . . .

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Hadn’t seen this in a while. Thank god Michael Vick didn’t see it and get ideas too

April 21, 2006

Another week, another 20-cent hike in gas prices . . .

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Soon we’ll know what it’s like to buy petrol in Great Britain and the Netherlands, oh joy!

Anyway, it’s been another fun week, and hopefully I’ll have something strange and visually enchanting or otherwise interesting to post this evening.

I’ve also been conducting a brief conversation with one of the folks who are morbidly fascinated with this blog about the need for duct-tape in a post-modernist nuclear world.

Suffice it to say to any young men out there: if you visit your girlfriend’s home and her mom and dad have spread out a sheet of garden plastic and a roll of duct tape, it might be a good time to break off the relationship.

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