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October 19, 2008

Raccoon, rinse, repeat

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I’ve alluded to this particular photo for a few years, for the benefit of some of my readers (Does 5 count as some?).

Anyway, it’s over the jump – the rumored (rumoured to at least three of you) raccoon photo, taken in 1993 at an acquaintance’s residence.


July 4, 2008

The Not-So-Dark Dark One thrives . . .

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While a couple of perverts in Vermont and a ward staff in New York serve only to cheapen one’s faith in humanity, the Not-So-Dark One brings its own strange millieu to this terrestrial plane.



She got a haircut this summer. Needless to say, the household has been mildly critical of my choice of hairstyle, but at least she’s not lethargic from an excessively high core temperature this summer.

And this is further evidence that she’d definitely not a sub.

April 16, 2007

Not-so-dark Dark One update

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The not-so-dark Dark One┬áslumbersThe pup is growing nicely – if you’re partial to pet livestock. She’s at about 15 pounds now after bumming a fair-sized slice of beef roast from me this evening. Looks like she’ll be getting her own steak at barbecue time . . . .

May 28, 2006

Another photo exhibit, with a theme even!

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Sundays seem to be rather productive, blog wise. Go figure.

Anyway, another quick photographic exhibition for your viewing pleasure . . .

The family’s favorite piece of livestock, Copper, doing a little Hugh Masekela this weekend before I decided to take a little road trip to engage in some marginal remembrance . . . .

This was nice to see. As a high schooler I used to bicycle a lot – partially as exercize when I ran track (supressing sniggers here) and because I liked to get out and enjoy some of the less touristy places in Southwest Virginia. This 1944-period United Mine Workers union hall was an abandoned dump then (circa 1980). Now it’s a church.

This little piece of ironwork was highly valued in Norton, Va. as a real-live piece of ordinance from the USS Constitution. Its real story is far more interesting. It’s actually a fake, non-fireable iron casting done when the Constitution was restored in 1907. If you visit several towns across the US, they have some of this piece’s sisters. Others are set in concrete along the seawall at the Boston Navy Yard for use as bollards (not bollocks).

And another story. Thirty-six years ago, the location depicted above was a pleasant, sloped, grassy corner lot where many of us kids played touch football, frisbee or otherwise did the normal things that kids do. At least it was that way when I walked to school that morning. The return trip revealed a significant excavation on that site, and over the next thirty years, the town’s dominant robber-baron family erected the steel skeleton you see. The running joke was that it had one floor for each time th ebuilding permit was renewed, and that was in 1994. The family sold it and a significant chunk of real estate holdings this year, and hopefully this monstrosity will be dismantled. I call it the ‘pagoda from hell.’

Never be nostalgic – only remember.

April 23, 2006

And after fretting today over some idiot from Connecticut via Texas . . .

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here’s our girl, Copper, a 60-pound chow-walker hound mix (go ahead, make the joke – I’ve done it several times) who’s been with us since December 1996 at age 6 weeks. At that time, she looked like a big, goofy toy rabbit with big paws.

Yeah, after a long day wondering how we ended up with a blithering idiot for our president, Copper shows that there is still inteligent, wonderful life on this planet.

April 9, 2006

Clarification on Monster Rabbit . . .

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I picked this up while reading yesterday’s post on rather large, garden-pillaging rabbits, but it may not have been all that clear: the rabbit pictured was not the actual giant rabbit but merely an example of how big rabbits can get before turning into free-agent produce distributors.

An example of responsible bloggng in action . . . .

April 8, 2006

Sounds like a job for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch . . .

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Nothing like a rabbit that can hold its own. Looks like something out of “Watership Down.” Maybe this is the real reason that Dubya wanted to develop nuclear bunker penetrators. What a great concept for a Bugs Bunny cartoon . . . . .

German rabbit breeder Karl Szmolinsky presents his giant male breeding rabbit ‘Robert'(April 7, 2006) from

Bigs bunny: monster rabbit devours English veggie plots (April 8, 2006) from

LONDON (AFP) – In a tale reminiscent of the last Wallace and Gromit movie, furious villagers in northeast England have hired armed guards to protect their beloved communal vegetable gardens from a suspected monster rabbit.

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