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October 8, 2007

A thought . . . .

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March 26, 2006

I may not know what art is, but this makes me laugh . . .

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Isn’t Sunday a great day to catch up on one’s blogging?

Especially when and Drudge Report both pick this as newsworthy?

Don’t think I’ll be getting one of these for my mantelpiece anytime soon. I never really thought Britney Spears was in the same category as “Venus on the Halfshell,” so to speak.

And in other news, Molly Ivins points out (rather eloquently) why it’s tough being an editor or reporter these days . . .

And we’re enjoying an actually normal, chilly late March day here today. Temps in the 40’s and, as I just looked out the window, a few snowflakes falling. Typical.

But theres the promise of weather back in the 50’s in daytime and maybe even a day or two in the 70’s later this week.

Hope so. My bones ache.

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