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September 8, 2007

From the archives . . .

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Every so often, I go digging in the FFE Memorial Archives for sport and come back with dust-induced bronchitis and occasionally some dark nugget from my past.

Tonight was no exception – I brought back a couple of nuggets (some may say pellets ot droppings).

First, a souvenir from the night I was proofing pasted-up pages at a small twice-weekly paper in the confines of Virginia . . .


The fact that it’s here indicates that this piece of copy did not make it in the paper. Occasionally I was awake at deadline . . . .

And then there was Sally . . .


Check out the autograph, eh? I had advanced beyond this stuff by the time I was in kindergarten. She wasn’t really that hot, although she sure looks happy here sitting on Dick . . . .


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