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July 30, 2009


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Ah, it’s summer in America (albeit a wet, gloomy summer that may very well drive me over the line between socially responsible behavior and acting like a Moro rebel trying to cut the wire fence around Clark Air Force Base), and talk has turned to beer. Specifically, the choice of beer at the picnic table outside the Oval Office.

I guess the White House Staff was worried about stains on the carpet (insert your ribald rejoinder here).

Anyway, the braumeister at Samuel Adams observed pointedly on Wednesday that the beer list for today – Bud Light for POTUS, Red Stripe for Henry Louis Gates, and Blue Moon for James Crowley – comes from giant offshore companies and not from real American breweries. (also, listen here)

Consider, however, what might have happened if the police action of early July had happened during the previous administration. If Karl Rove had been managing this press opportunity, he would have gone ahead and anticipated the participants’ desires and provided Guinness and a nightstick for the policeman, Colt .45 for the professor, and Lone Star and a bowl of bite-sized pretzels for the President.



  1. BUDWEISER??? Agggg.

    Friends don’t let friends drink Budweiser. Do you think the whole health care thing has gotten to him?

    Comment by sledpress — July 30, 2009 @ 8:26 am

  2. If I had been el Presidente, I would have been swilling several pints of a decent house stout and threatening nuclear devasation of Cambridge if both of them didn’t get their stuff in one bag.

    And I would have ordered Joe Biden bound and gagged.

    Comment by Frontier Former Editor — July 31, 2009 @ 4:53 am

  3. Ooooh… can I be the one to tie him up? He’s kinda cute, in an older guy way.

    Comment by sledpress — August 2, 2009 @ 8:40 pm

  4. Knock yourself out. He might scare you off the Metro, though . . . . heh heh heh . . .

    Comment by Frontier Former Editor — August 2, 2009 @ 8:58 pm

  5. I’m already scared off the Metro by the boogery idiots talking at top volume on their cell phones about what’s for dinner.

    Comment by sledpress — August 2, 2009 @ 10:33 pm

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