Frontier Former Editor

September 2, 2008

I’m having a Lewis Black moment . . . .

except that I’m not as lovable and funny as Lewis Black is when I’m stunned, dazed and ultimately pissed off.

What have I missed in the Republican Party in that black hole starting with Dubya’s nomination for President in 2000? The post 1970’s Republican Party has, of course, gone through an evolution where it has adopted pro-life principles, except of course, when it comes to lower-class people.

In that case, the Republican Party attempted to undo the damage wrought by a mutated Great Society welfare program by the simple expedient of doing everything possible to dismantle social welfare programs and tell zero-income people to get a job and low-income people to get a better job. Having watched this concept in action in Virginia – as implemented by a Republican legislature led by Virginia’s favorite racial schizophrenic George Allen – I can also add that critics of it constantly received two responses: Stop coddling welfare queens and frauds, and don’t worry because cutting welfare will mean lower taxes and greater distribution of wealth from the upper levels of the private sector.

What those responses always seemed to lack was the answer to another question: just how is the economy going to improve when you start getting thousands of people – after weeding out ‘welfare queens’ and ‘frauds’ who either can’t work or who have been unable to find a job – into gainful employment with a salary adequate to cover medical and child care expenses as well as food, shelter, heat and transportation to and from work, medical care and child care?

I won’t go into how well trickle-down economics worked during and after the Reagan administration, but suffice it to say that even Arthur Laffer admitted that he supported Bill Clinton’s economic policies.

In several cases I saw as a reporter, the resulting ‘workfare’ programs as often as not ended up with local and state governments subsidizing employment and training for participants as the economy shambled toward the conditions it now faces.

But back to the ‘pro-life’ portion of today’s post.

Sarah Palin’s minor daughter gets pregnant out of wedlock (and this is in no way a judgement upon her daughter) and Palin drones on about how her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law are facing a tough choice but with the support and love of their familiy. Meanwhile, the Republican Party goes on with its pro-life call to arms without realizing just how economically frightening it has made this society as a place to survive and raise children. And, of course, there’s still the traditional stigma that modern conservatism (as practiced by modern conservatives like Rush Limbaugh et al) attempts to place on everyone else who has a child out of wedlock or before reaching legal adulthood.

Lest you think that I’m a big-time supporter of Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society,’ I think it merely reinforces the saying about paving practices on the road to hell. But seeing a political party which blathers on about life and economic well-being but declares war on terrorists and then diverts its effort away from where the terrorists are?

Well, the Democratic Party has done damned little to inspire me this year, but the Republican Party in the form of John McCain, Sarah Palin and the Republican National Committee can take all their warm fuzziness about the sanctity of life, defense of liberty and recovering economic trends and blow it out their ass. I’ll say it now. Sarah Palin’s selection as vice presidential candidate was nothing more than a cynical trick similar to that of Iran’s president saying that ‘we only want to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.’ It does nothing more than place the Republican Party in the position of saying, “Why, some of my best friends are women . . .”

To those who would say, ‘Well, FFE, what about the Democrats choosing Geraldine Ferraro as the vice presidential candidate?’ I would say that Ferraro was not much more than a third-rate ward politician herself.

As big an idiot on applied foreign policy as Condoleeza Rice is, she’s far more qualified than Sarah Palin or John McCain. And as bad a taste as she leaves in my political mouth, Hillary Clinton is a better adapted political animal than Sarah Palin might hope to be in the next four years.

Hell, Lucretia Borgia was a better political animal than any of the afore mentioned women.

If the Republican Party wanted a qualified woman in a position of responsibility and power, they surely did it in a half-assed way.


  1. I love you and want to have your babies (although I reserve the pro-choice options).

    Arthur Laffer? Sounds like an English vaudevillian. I caught his act at the Milton Keynes Palladium. “My President has no brains”. “How does he smell?” “Terrible.”

    Comment by Vicus Scurra — September 2, 2008 @ 12:24 pm

  2. The US is the only industrialized country that has such a demented love affair with fetuses. I have a theory that this is a backlash from the competitive, if-he-achieves-I-don’t, elbow-in-your-face culture that you see all around you. Anyone who accomplishes something is automatically a threat and the pot shots start immediately, so the only safe thing to adore and cherish is potential. What’s more potential than a fetus? As soon as it’s even a baby, it’s the kid of a welfare mom who has to be taught a lesson about responsibility, yada yada. Though for an encore, there’s always retarded kids. They’ll never really do anything to threaten anyone else’s status, so automatically a big warm fuzzy for everybody who cheerleads them — so much more satisfying than those gifted and talented kids with their pesky questions. Sarah Palin’s “pro-life” and she’s got a little retarded kid — two for the price of one! What’s not for a cutthroat social Darwinist to love?

    Comment by sledpress — September 2, 2008 @ 3:14 pm

  3. Merhaba [Salve], Senor FFE

    I flatter myself that I agree with the distinguished Vicus Scurra on so many things, but I have actually heard of Mr Laffer

    It is Typical of those demm Yenkees to claim credit for an English Discovery

    It was Mr Pitt the Younger who in the 1780s reduced UK Tax Rate Rates, creating wealth & prosperity, along with increased Tax Yields

    Perhaps if Mr Pitt the Younger had been in charge in the 1770s, Mr Vashington the Tree Murderer & his Revolting Friends might not have been provoked into being Revolting

    If only the Laffer Curve were understood by Gordon & his threadbare Regime of Charlatans (translation for TransPondian [ex]Colonials] = Her Britannic Majesty’s Government)

    Here in Inglaterra we have a wondrous Gouvernment General (may they rule for ever)

    They are doing their utmost to increase REAL Levels of UnEmployment, by the simple devices of :

    1. punitive taxation on Employment – the basic rate of taxation on wages is now about 40% (basic rate income tax and national insurance, employers & employees contributions)

    2. employment laws heavily weighted against employers, so that replacing people with machines is cheaper and legally safer

    3. over-regulation

    Many UK Employers are losing/have lost the will to stay in business

    UK Manufacturing Industry is a shadow, while UK jobs are driven abroad to China, India and even Malaya !!!

    AND would you believe it :

    1. Gordon’s leading adviser on Economics is “Ed BALLS”


    2. Gordon’s Chief Secretary of the Treasury is “Ms” Yvette Cooper” = ie the wife of Ed Balls

    Whoopee – this means that as MPS, they get double the MP’s Salaries and double the scandalous MP’s allowances – no recession for them

    It gives a new resonance to old phrases like :

    Balls by Name, Balls by Nature


    What a Balls Up

    All very troubling

    Perhaps you TransPonsPondian (ex)Colonials could profitably consider the Blessings you have even with Multiple Shrubs squatting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

    Just think what it would be like if the current shambolic
    British Government were in charge of your Affairs as well

    Allahismarladik [Vale]

    G Eagle

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — September 2, 2008 @ 3:45 pm

  4. And if Ms Cooper had balls, she’d be your uncle . . . er . . . scratch that.

    Now, while I’m flattered that two of you would feel similar about carrying on my lineage, please reconsider if only because Mr McCain might have to select another running mate and I might pose aditional paradoxii for the Republican party platform . . .

    Maybe McCain should rename his tour bus the ‘Beagle’ . . . .

    Comment by Frontier Former Editor — September 2, 2008 @ 4:57 pm

  5. Buon Giorno [Merhaba], Signor FFE

    I have of course not indicated which of the many things over which I agree (or not) with the incisive Mr Scurra


    You should not rely on any desire on my part to carry on your lineage

    … and (judging from his photo) I rather think that Mr Scurra is not biologically equipped to have anyone’s babies

    One has to sympathise over Mr Scurra’s residence in the warmer climate of Wessex, which has a strange effect on its denizens

    For example, Alfred the Great

    He was one of Wessex’s more eccentric residents

    At least unlike one of TransPondia’s more unPleasant inhabitants, he didn’t go round murdering Trees, as if there was anything morally-praiseworthy about how he conducted himself when his Tree-Murder was investigated

    Good King Alfred’s strange activities seem to have ranged from Burning Cakes, beating up Danish Asylum-Seekers/Economic-Migrants through to translating the Bible into Anglo-Saxon … altho’ everyone knows that it is perfectly expressed in its Original Tongue (ie ~King James’s Englisch)

    No wonder Alfred had to leave Wessex in the Deep South of Inglaterra to escape into the Cooler but more Bracing Weather of Mercia on what had been the Old Roman Frontier (in AD 50)

    I suppose he would have gone on the UberFahrt [the Journey Over] to the USA, but it had not yet been invented in Alfred’s time

    Es macht man denken, nee
    Das ist es, doch

    [It makes yuh fink, ugh
    This is it, i’n’it]

    Tot siens


    Asta la Vista

    L’Aigle Gris

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — September 3, 2008 @ 4:45 pm

  6. As I told Sledpress today, the elder Palin has the luxury of having all those children as she has the support of a loving and doting husband not to mention the economic means to support those children.

    Countless others are not that blessed or lucky.

    Fuck. I’m not articulate right now. I’m on a low carb high wine diet.

    Comment by Stiletto — September 6, 2008 @ 7:54 pm

  7. I’m having a Lewis Black moment myself, staggering around sputtering, trying to think out how the Republican party is even a contender with the Ex-Maverick (who’s reversed himself on every policy he ever had) and a complete, Robert-Bloch-written Mrs. Bates at the head of the column.

    Who the hell is crazy enough to vote for these people?

    I’m guessing it’s the people who say things like “We have to vote for the one who’s going to unite the country–Obama’s bla … uh … divisive.”

    Comment by Metro — September 11, 2008 @ 5:27 pm

  8. M Metro “…. Who the hell is crazy enough to vote for these people? …”

    The alternatives may perhaps be some explanation …..

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — September 12, 2008 @ 5:53 am

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