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July 4, 2008

And a Fourth of July finale from Norton, Va.

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Not sure if this is particularly good or bad news on the Fourth of July

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Jesse Helms is dead. Everybody’s got their opinion of him. Personally, he always struck me as a asshole, showboating, politically simplistic person who just happened to have access to a media outlet at the right opportunity.

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The Not-So-Dark Dark One thrives . . .

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While a couple of perverts in Vermont and a ward staff in New York serve only to cheapen one’s faith in humanity, the Not-So-Dark One brings its own strange millieu to this terrestrial plane.



She got a haircut this summer. Needless to say, the household has been mildly critical of my choice of hairstyle, but at least she’s not lethargic from an excessively high core temperature this summer.

And this is further evidence that she’d definitely not a sub.

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