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April 13, 2008

Max needs an attitude adjustment . . .

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with her complaining about the sun while I’m sitting here wondering how in hell it was in the high 60’s Saturday and now there’s a snow advisory.

Chill, Max. I sure am.

There’s a new marshall in town, or flight line Dance Dance Revolution

Okay, it’s depressing as hell even contemplating what the November 2008 ballot is going to look like,  so here’s something completely inane yet morbidly attractive . . . . . . dancing flight line marshallers and carrier deck crew.

Yes, those youngsters we pay less than minimum wage to spend their time trying to avoid being part of a jet engine’s mass flow while showing military aviators the way around the ‘parking lot.’

Since 1986, I’ve been of the opinion that the only decent part of the movie ‘Top Gun’ is the opening scene where the deck crew does its stuff.  Kenny Loggins, on the other hand, should have been sucked in the intake of a Pratt & Whitney TF-30 . . .

The Brit from No. 12 Sqdn RAF is an absolute hoot, but the USAF and Navy guys have their moments too.


Contrary to popular belief, some Brits  do have rhythm, as one Senior Aircraftsman Tabreham proves with a vengeance . . . .


And it just has to be the experience of working in a continually pending industrial accident at sea that makes carrier deck crews so fascinating to watch, although standing in a continuous 40-knot headwind often makes their moves more of a vogue motif . . . .

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