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April 2, 2008

The Airworks

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I have an affinity for the Royal Air Force, having grown up on an RAF station in the 1960’s,  and I wonder just how I missed yesterday’s anniversary . . .

Even though British politicians kicked the props from under the ‘Airworks’ by stunts like:


keeping a World War One fighter in service as a colonial peackeeper through the early 1930’s,


killing the TSR. 2, one of the most spectacular aircraft of the 1960s, and . . .


creating a climate of indecision and hesitancy that allowed this plane to become better than the F-86 Sabre – about two years after Sabres were being phased out as front-line USAF equipment – there have been times of legend in the Royal Air Force . . .











One can go on at great length (or short length – it doesn’t matter) about Spitfires and Hurricanes and Lancasters and Canberras and Vulcans – oh my – but I’ll let Pilot Officer Prune‘s comment on RAF founding leader Sir Hugh Trenchard stand as a closing tribute:


“I’ll bet he’s been in the Airworks since Pontius was a pilot.”

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