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March 24, 2008

It warms the cockles of my heart . . .

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to see that old-style politics is alive and well in one of my old stomping grounds.

The background for the following two video clips is that Virginia is readying for three major federal elections this year – presidential, congressional House, and congressional Senate. In Virginia’s Ninth Congressional district, the Republican Party is pretty much expected to do what it has since 1986 – put up a sacrificial goat for the pretense of running against the Democrat incumbent who would be considered a respectable, intelligent and moderate Republican candidate anywhere else in the U.S. As the associated arithmetic will show, the Ninth District’s Republican party has failed 13 times in their challenge of Congressman Rick Boucher since the 1982 congressional election. Since 1986, the party has failed miserably 11 times.

In addition, the state Republican party seems to be stuck with Jim Gilmore as its choice to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by John Warner (once the husband of Elizabeth Taylor). Gilmore’s opponent? the Democrat former governor who followed him and spent four years cleaning up what just about every Virginia resident acknowledged was Gilmore’s wreckage of the state transportation system and budget.

Given all of this, enjoy the ensuing jocularity as Tazewell County, Virginia Republican officials demonstrate their grasp of democratic principles as they enforce seemingly Bolshevik standards of party discipline in running a simple party mass meeting (read ‘caucus’) while committing intra-party fratricide. Thanks to the blog Raising Kaine for tonight’s entertainment.

Part one . . .


and Part two

It should be noted that the two uniformed officers stepping outside the building in clip one and seen outside the building in clip two are NOT Virginia State Police as claimed in the Youtube side notes. Rather, they are Tazewell, Va. town police officers. What police are doing inside a Republican mass meeting might be interesting, though.

I remember writing a couple of years ago at least one editorial encouraging all Tazewell County voters to show up at the party meetings of their choice and take advantage of the lip service either party pays to American voters and a free democracy.

Sounds like what’s needed is a Glorious Revolution of our own, where the tired old deadwood gets run out of town but with no bloodshed.

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