Frontier Former Editor

October 14, 2007

Sunny days and Sunday always get me down . . .

because that’s really my only day off and I get to catch up with the latest examples of what I already know – this nation has allowed itself to become a ship of fools.

And for today’s laundry list:

  • Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo “I didn’t know what was going on at Abu Ghraib despite it being under my command” Sanchez says the war in Iraq is a “nightmare with no end in sight.” (myway via Drudge)
  • A Florida jury decided that guards beating and administering their own form of medical revival treatment to a juvenile boot camp inmate was not a crime, even though  “[a]n initial autopsy by Dr. Charles Siebert, the medical examiner for Bay County, found Anderson died of natural causes from sickle cell trait [and a] second autopsy was ordered and another doctor concluded that the guards suffocated Anderson through their repeated use of ammonia capsules and by covering his mouth.” (myway via Drudge)
  • And nostalgia for the era of Allen Pinkerton and Baldwin & Felts is going strong this year, if Newsweek’s article on the topic is any indication. (Newsweek, via Crooks and Liars)

The bad part is, it’s all nothing really new. 

At least Sanchez has some hope for career revitalization.

And maybe the Florida juvenile justice system could help bring a new revival of Dickens’ Oliver Twist?

I still remember from when I was working at a marginal little daily rag in far southern West Virginia and seeing an AP article that came across the daily feed. Apparently, someone had found the wreckage of an Army Air Corps bomber missing since the 1920’s in West Virginia. What was the plane and crew doing at the time it went missing? Engaging in operations against striking coal miners. Oh, and thanks to the refusal of federal authorities to get involved, companies like Baldwin & Felts helped privatize law and order.

I still laugh at

At least Blackwater isn’t helping preserve law and order in its home country. Small comfort to Iraqis.

It’s been the trend of conservative government in recent decades is to privatize damn near every basic service except the one that probably needs it most – health care.

One thing that should have cost George Allen the Virginia senatorial election in 2006 but paled in comparison to his racial and cultural sensitivity was his attempt to privatize many functions of the state Department of Transportation. Ask Stiletto and me sometime about how well that’s worked out.

Okay, I’ve managed to ramble from Iraq to Virginia highways. and maybe this is why Sundays are hell – too much time to think.

I’ll stop before I start commenting on the nonexistent work ethic of young Southwest Virginians . . .

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