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October 7, 2007

And if you really support the troops . . .

stop spending money on those tacky-assed magnetic yellow or red-white-and-blue “Support Our Troops” ribbons and start riding the collective ass of your elected officials from legislators on up to the f*ckwit masquerading as Commander-in-Chief.

Latest example (courtesy of WCSH, Portland, Maine, ayuh):

National Guard Troops Denied Benefits After Longest Deployment Of Iraq War

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (NBC) — When they came home from Iraq, 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard had been deployed longer than any other ground combat unit. The tour lasted 22 months and had been extended as part of President Bush’s surge.

1st Lt. Jon Anderson said he never expected to come home to this: A government refusing to pay education benefits he says he should have earned under the GI bill.

“It’s pretty much a slap in the face,” Anderson said. “I think it was a scheme to save money, personally. I think it was a leadership failure by the senior Washington leadership… once again failing the soldiers.”

Anderson’s orders, and the orders of 1,161 other Minnesota guard members, were written for 729 days.

Had they been written for 730 days, just one day more, the soldiers would receive those benefits to pay for school.”

And, fittingly enough, inset into the above article was this . . . .

  • Enlist In The U.S. Army

    Enlistment bonuses of up to $40,000 100% college tuition reimbursement.

  • I am so goddamned tired of my government.

    Band festivals – an irony-rich environment!

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    I missed Junior’s band festival Saturday, seeing that I was working overtime to help prop up the crumbling U.S. banking system, but I was related a story so rich in its multilayered ironies that I had to share.

    One of the bands in the competition chose as its performance suite this year, “Music from Hunt for Red October.” The climax of the set? The Soviet National Anthem. Of course, it was described in the festival program as ‘Hymm from Hunt for Red October.’

    While I’m no Marxist-Leninist (unlike the unintentional Bolshevist emulators in neo-fascist’s clothing in the national Republican organization), I have to admit that, as national anthems go, the Soviet entry is pretty catchy.

     Where else but in Southwest Virginia? I suspect that the band’s director was a secret Fred Thompson agitpropnik . . . .

    Unfortunately, I have no video or audio of the event, but now, a blast from 1989 . . . .

     do svidaniya Rodina!

    C’mon everybody! Sing along!

    Soyuz nerushimy respublik svobodnykh

    Splotila naveki velikaya Rus’!

    Da zdravstvuyet sozdanny voley narodov

    Yediny, moguchy Sovetsky Soyuz!


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