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September 7, 2007

Vicariously nuking David Albo . . . . or, ‘Eet’s a beumb!’

Those wild and crazy guys over at the Federation of American Scientists have another neat piece of learning software that’ll make ‘duck and cover’ absolutely uncool . . . . literally.

The Nuclear Weapons Calculator (or Nucular Weapons Calculator to our dumbass buddy at Pennsy Ave.) lets you decide just how much destruction to wreak on your favorite American city.

Stiletto: the yield range for Washington D.C. will encompass your favorite Virginia state legislator’s house, hint hint . . . .

And while you’re going MAD on your favorite metropolitan area, here’s a little mood music . . . .


  1. Ok so I put on the mood music I got geared up and ready to go…imagine the disappointment when I saw that Detroit wasn’t on the map…figured I’d take them out first for fucking up my flight.

    Comment by Stiletto — September 17, 2007 @ 10:30 am

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