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August 20, 2007

And some Christians say all Muslims are backward-assed?

Thanks to Bagel, I get another midday reminder of how enlightened some of our God-fearing Christians really are:


Wasn’t this already done as “The Stepford Wives”?

From the Author (via
“Dear Friends,

My name is Leah Kelley. Though I am the author of several stories, novellas, and novels, I am first and foremost a stay-at-home wife and mother. As far as my writing goes, romance is my passion. I grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s with Kathleen Woodiweiss, Johanna Lindsey, Amanda Scott, all those authors who used to write the best books with alpha-male heroes. Unfortunately the romance genre has decided to “reform” itself to look better in the public eyes (more politically correct), so you no longer find those good old-fashioned romance stories. As a matter of fact, I rarely find a book on the shelf I want to read anymore. It’s so disappointing.

So I write, as I have done since I was thirteen years old. I love to create stories with strong heroes teaching and leading their feminine heroines as set up in the Bible. Men were never meant to be the wimps the world and the church have taught them to be. They were meant to lead their families, not be a joke to them. They were given authority over all in their families and with that comes the right to back up that authority. Nowhere in the Bible is authority given without the means to back it up. The Bible even says the person in authority has to give account for the ones under his authority. Do you think it would be fair to expect a husband to answer for his wife if he has no control over her actions? I don’t. That’s why I believe he has the right to spank his wife if need be.

In my stories I try to strike a balance between love and discipline. The hero has that “edge” but it is tempered with the knowledge that he loves the heroine and wants only what is best for her. To date I have completed three novels, two novellas, and a host of short stories with many more works in progress. I hope you will enjoy them.


Leah ”

More reading here


  1. Perhaps she is secretly into B&D?

    Comment by Martha Craig — August 20, 2007 @ 4:30 pm

  2. There’s a blog post on a similar topic: wife spanking, WWJD?

    Comment by raincoaster — August 20, 2007 @ 11:41 pm

  3. Bonjour Senor FFE

    In this & other places in our fragile Commonwealth of loosely associated Free-Spirits, there commonly seems to be a strange enjoyment of an intellectually superficial & sterile ridiculing of Christianity on the basis of a caricature of Christianity

    However, before dismissing the Good Lord and what he actually stands for too facilely, can I urge a modest intellectual honesty and rigour (err … rigor as you North-Americans so quaintly spell it) in examining how Jesus actually behaved

    Paul does indeed urge “Wives, submit to your Husbands as to the Lord” and later “Children, obey your Parents” [Eph 5 v22ff]

    However, this should not be used as an excuse for “Alpha Males” (err Husbands & Fathers) to behave badly & selfishly … by being bullying and overbearing and obnoxious

    I do not think this is what Jesus actually wants… nor is it how he actually lived his Life & dealt with folk, while he was here

    Interestingly, Paul places his views in the context of the all-important qualification “Husbands, love your Wives, just as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her”

    Thus, this Eagle thinks that submission/obedience is conditional on having a Husband or a Father/Mother who is behaving like Jesus in putting the Wife or the Childer first, like Jesus in putting others before himself, to the point of losing his Life

    Disappointingly, this Eagle is making lamentably little progress in loving Mrs Lovely-Eagle and the Junior Magical-Eagles, as Jesus loved the Church by giving up his life for them – until this is achieved, there must be limits to any “submission” & “obedience” which is to be expected

    I have the honour (err … honor) to remain your obedient servant etc

    G E

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — August 21, 2007 @ 2:34 pm

  4. Good Day, M. Eagle:

    I subscribe to the Gandhi-an view of Christianity, in which he is cited as saying that he was impressed with Jesus Christ but less than impressed by those who have taken his name as a movement. If Christianity were practiced according to the tenets and observations of M. Christ, , I suspect that philosophical arguments in modern times might well at least take a different tack.

    Comment by Former Frontier Editor — August 21, 2007 @ 2:42 pm

  5. Bonjour, mon Ami

    Vous avez beaucoup de raison

    Poor Ghandi – it must have been a great grief to this sensitive well-meaning man that his actions contributed to Indian Independence (the Guid News) but also top the Murder of a million +++ men, women and childer in the horrors of Partition (hardly Britain’s finest hour)

    Perhaps his response to Jesus was inadequate

    You will have already detected that I do not really understand AmeriKa … Inglaterra is become an increasing bewilderment, perhaps an impact of advancing age (not that a Young man like you would understand this phenomenon …. vous avez a few years, yet !!!)

    However, from this small corner of the Middle Anglian Kingdom, I sense there is a major difference in the “Christianity” of the USA and of Inglaterra

    1. In Inglaterra, Christianity is very much on the DEFENSIVE – C of E Bishops are steadily abandoning Christian Belief and adopting Anti-Christian Immorality (eg the common disbelief in Jesus’s Resurrection & the Bible – eg the toleration and increasing promotion of homosexuality) – whoops – silly me, I’ve just expressed views which will soon be a criminal offence in this God-forsaking Country !!!

    * Mercifully, her Britannic Majesty’s Government (may these Charlatans rule for ever) is building ever Greater Prison Capacity to accommodate the ever greater numbers of violent criminals (including tax-defaulters) & Christians

    * there will soon be room for dissident Christians, although “They” may have to give early release to some dangerous criminals for this

    2. In contrast, Christians in the USA are confident & assertive and (if in a recent post our sagacious Freond M Metro has accurately reported Miss Coulter as an example of “Christianity”) there seems to be a hard-faced Nastiness, at least to this little-informed wet Rooinek-Wimp

    However, the Man of Nazareth is still on the Road, calling for fragile Human-Folk to follow him and his Trustful standards, rather than the deplorable caricatures of those who have stolen his “Brand”, even like one who has :

    the honour to remain le vestre servant obedient etc

    L’Aigle Gris

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — August 22, 2007 @ 4:19 am

  6. ‘hard-faced Nastiness’

    That seems to have been an aspect of much of the Christianity that made its way to middle North America since the 1600’s, unfortunately.

    Comment by Former Frontier Editor — August 22, 2007 @ 5:28 am

  7. Mein Gutes Herr EagLe:

    I doubt that anyone here has a problem with faith.

    What we have a problem with is faith being treated as an unassailable reason for throwing science and good teaching to the wind, or forcing people to conform to someone else’s values without any benefit to society at large.

    “Increasing promotion of homosexuality”? I beg to quibble. If we replaced the word “homosexuality” with the words “coloured folk” would this adequately describe the civil rights movement?

    Britain, and many other countries, prohibited homosexuality for decades. What was the benefit to society from that? And how welldid it work?

    I grew up in a Christian household (at least, Catholics are generally reckoned to be Christian in Canada) and respect faith.

    But I cannot be persuaded that something is good merely because someone else believes thus-and-so.

    Yet this is what the current crop of political theists and theist politicians on this continent are insisting.

    Comment by Metro — August 22, 2007 @ 1:54 pm

  8. Bonsoir M Metro

    Harrumphi Harrumphae Harrumphi

    What has promoting “coloured folk” got to do with promoting homosexuality or promoting criminals, for that matter

    I wonder if the “clash” between Science/Evolution and Religion/Intelligent Design is a bogus unreality

    As a philosophical matter, doesn’t “Science” have to be based on “faith”

    eg a belief that what we see or sense is real (more or less) and not an illusion (presumably Plato would not agree)

    eg a belief in a World which follows persistent & consistent laws, which are understandable by human thought (reasoning)

    Historically this belief was readily encouraged by Christian Belief in a “Real” Creator who created the World and sustains it by his Word of Power

    If the Good Lord created Living Creatures “by Intelligent Design”, why could he not have used Evolution as the mechanism for that Intelligent Design

    This is very troubling

    Perhaps some of my Christian Brethren in Kansas (they seem a fierce posse) might want to do to me what our Freond Senor FFE would like to do to poor Mr Bush & his colleagues, who are doing their inadequate best (or is it worst)

    Something to do with Feathers, Poles (but not Lithuanians), Riding and Tar

    Again, don’t “political” values also depend on “faith”

    eg You & I believe that eating people is wrong – where does this value come from

    Presumably your friendly neighbourhood cannibals and Spartans would have a different political faith-system

    Your (und Senor FFE’s) perplexed & obedient servant etc

    G Eagle

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — August 23, 2007 @ 1:55 pm

  9. A scientist (a Nobel Prize winner, I believe) once said that you can’t look at a sunrise and a sunset without believing in a supreme force or being or god. What form that entity or force takes is something I don’t think any of us can really contemplate, either because of its complexity or simplicity.

    I’m an agnostic in the classic sense – I doubt the mysticism that man attaches to his religious views. I seriously think that, if there’s anything truly mystical or miraculous around us, that religion misses it entirely in an attempt to make up explanations for why we should accept beliefs on the often irreproduceable claims of someone who says that they saw burning shrubbery or who was handed golden plates by Rice-a-Roni.

    I think that so much that is intellectually beautiful within various versions of the Bible is tarnished by fairy tales grafted on to give some supernatural legitimacy when it is not needed.

    What ultimately gets my goat about Christianity as it is oft practiced in my fair nation-state, however, is not what practitioners believe but how intolerant they can be about others’ beliefs. I may not agree, but I still entertain the proposition that we all could be wrong or that I may be wrong. I still go with my gut on the issue and I reserve the right to argue heatedly with those who would accuse me of lacking faith or values.

    I don’t kill people. I don’t molest, rape or torture. I don’t steal or vandalize. I don’t call for the persecution of religious sects. I try to teach my son to honor those values and to take care of my loved ones.

    But I’ll be damned if I’ll allow those of any religious or non-religious belief system to persecute me or limit my right to dissent and to hold, defend and – if needed – defend my beliefs.

    Read Thomas Jefferson’s Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom – it’s not a bad concept.

    And I’m glad that all of you care enough to come here and voice your opinions on the subject, even if some of you don’t like my puns 😀

    Comment by Former Frontier Editor — August 23, 2007 @ 2:20 pm

  10. Mon Ami

    Tres interessant

    Je visite parce que je prends plaisir aux vestres Posts et les comments de tout le monde

    It is an especial pleasure disagreeing with you and the ever-tolerant Messieurs Metro et AerChie – I always leave better-informed – even if my lamentably limited Norman-French is apparent for all to see, after deux petits paragraphes

    Le vestre servant obedient etc

    L’Aigle Gris

    Comment by G Eagle Esq — August 24, 2007 @ 1:18 pm

  11. And with all of your all’s every visit, I feel as if I’ve had a serious yet pleasant and substantive discussion as well as a workout to my limited intellect

    Comment by Former Frontier Editor — August 24, 2007 @ 1:31 pm

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