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May 6, 2007

Appropriate reading for a Sunday . . .

I’ll admit rather readily that I’m an agnostic. I do believe that there is some central phenomenon that dictates how the world goes ’round, so to speak, but I’m not ready to accept that the Bible – such as it is – or the Torah or the Koran or the Book of Mormon or whatever ‘holy’ book  you choose is the explanation of it all. I certainly don’t accept baptism, transubstantiation, or any other religious or mystical rite as anything more than tradition, and I’ve seen religion cause more hate and discontent in my time than any single other cause.

Do you need a fairy tale to justify being a good, decent person?

Enjoy a little Christopher Hitchens while I struggle through Oracle homework . . .

In threes . . . .

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The old saw about celebrity deaths coming in threes seems to have proven itself again.

I still remember the occasional Don Ho special on television as I was growing up, and over the years I remember him as a cross between a Micronesian Perry Como and the last monarch of Hawaii.

Tommy Newsome and I both share something in common besides the ability to appear dull as dirt – we both attended Old Dominion University. He was a music major. I was a grad student in history. Goes to show you what’s more marketable.

And Wally Schirra. The summer of 1969, I still remember my dad getting one in an endless string of Apollo paper models from the local Gulf service station and many others as we drove to my grandparents to celebrate my birthday and, the day before, watching the first moon landing. And I still remember Schirra as one of the commentators as the family hung around the television set.

Time flies . . .

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