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January 7, 2007

Does this compute?

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Lemme tell you what fun is. Try switching from 14 years in a career based on words, wheedling info out of unwilling subjects, explaining complex situations in 20 column inches or less on deadline and generally living on everything that’s bad for you to a whole new career based on logic.

That pretty much sums up the last four days as I try to comprehend two courses in UNIX/Linux programming and Java language. It’s a hell of a shift in routine – kind of like popping the transmission in reverse while rolling downhill at 80 mph – but after a day of general frustration in getting the first assignments down, I kinda like it.

As I told my instructor in an e-mail today, I think I was having a liberal arts moment.

Who knows – after a couple of months of this, I may be writing my own template code. Or then again, I might not know my posterior from a hole in the ground which, by the way, is a comparative study course later in the program.

At least it keeps me from thinking too much about our not-so-esteemed president.

So, how are YOU doing?


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