Frontier Former Editor

December 21, 2006

Sorry for the disappearance . . . .

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It’s been a rather full two or three weeks here, what with the new job and getting my baggage together for a return to studenthood.

And then there’s the new Blogger, but I’ll reserve my bile and venom for after the new year.

I could also go on at great length about the new adventures of my worthless National Command Authority, but I shall also reserve that for after the holiday season. Suffice it to say for now that I would be embarassed if Josef Mengele got to stay in Paraguay with no fuss and that my daughters were asked to leave.

First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for even bothering to stop by this den of inequity, philosophical liberalism and Burke-ian irony, and generally unfocused rambling. I never thought I’d convince myself to start blogging, and I’m still convinced that I’m in the lower circle of hell when it comes to untalented bloggers, but I’ve met some good people here in the last nine months. You all can wrench your shoulder patting yourselves on the back after you’re done reading this.

Vicus, Pam, Anna, Cherry, Gautami, HE, WW, Raincoaster, Wanda, Miss C, Miz B, Awaiting, Kindness, Ziggi, Mark, Tom, Richard, Daphne, Carmenzta – I don’t really care what are your religious or philosophical stripes. But I do wish you and others a good end to this year and a better year than before.

Hopefully I’ll be back on more frequently now.



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