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November 1, 2006

It’s a weird, manic, exhilarating time

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Or else I’m really turning into an asshole.

Monday – In the morning I’m covering the investigation of a man who mamaged to shoot his three brothers-in-law with two 12-gauge shotguns at a range of 30-40 yards before the men manage to get more than a few feet out of their pickup truck. One died at the scene, another died a short while later at a local hospital, and the other survived. At that point I’m not sure whether to be horrified at the carnage or be impressed with the suspect’s artistry with a shotgun at that range.

Monday night – I’m supposed to be finishing off a newspaper, but instead I’m standing in the middle of the wreckage from a collision between a Chevy Blazer and a Dodge pickup, covering the death of an apparently stupid young man whose dead hand was still clutching the cell phone he was using when he crossed four lanes of traffic. Five members of the family in the truck survived. The four-month old daughter in the truck died Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – Despite having to stay up till 3:45 a.m. that morning since I had to play reporter and layout editor, I was feeling pretty decent because I actually got three hours of sleep before I had to make a 70-mile drive to send pages to the press. And despite four different kinds of software glitches, the paper actually sent to press. I made it home by 9 p.m. without killing any trick-or-treaters either.

Wednesday – I wielded my staff like a claymore (either imagine me swinging a big honkin’ sword or turning my newsroom properly with “this side toward enemy.” Needless to say, we’ll have a full paper and, if all goes well, a local electoral board member will have massive heartburn and look especially stupid.

And now I’ve finally gotten my laptop rigged for satellite radio and I’m listening to Astrud Gilberto and Walter Wanderley.

This is one of the stranger three-day stretches I’ve had in a while . . .


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