Frontier Former Editor

November 1, 2006

and at Cherrypie’s insistence, People Collection facts

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I just about pulled a muscle trying to think of five facts about me, but here goes . . .

1) Despite being a professional journalist, I have never taken a journalism class in except for a school newspaper elective in seventh grade.

2) I met George McGovern when I was in grad school – it was pretty underwhelming.

3) I had a beer with Tiny Tim as he played and sang a few bars of “On the Trail of the Lonesome Pine.” This was a year before he experienced a career resurgence as a Diet Pepsi spokesman and then died in his sleep. I wasn’t around for that, however.

4)I started out my higher education career in pre-engineering with the idea that I’d join the Air Force as an electronic warfare officer in Wild Weasel flak supression aircraft. That career choice would have entailed being the willing target of surface-to-air missiles while having the attitude that I could spoof them with gear from the same company that made TI-30 calculators. Luckily I couldn’t hack calculus, even with the help of a TI-55 calculator.

5) The index, middle and ring fingers on my right hand are parallel even when moderately splayed. This comes from having been an archery enthusiast in my teen years. I didn’t have the wrist-finger coordination to use a hook-loop release and thus induced a minor deformity from having to shoot with a three-finger pull and release.

Cherry – I actually enjoyed this little exercise but I’ll deny it up and down to everyone else ;^D>


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