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October 19, 2006

Okay, enough with the fatigue . . .

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It’s 11:20 p.m. EST, Thursday, I’ve spent enough time going bleary-eyed with work.

I came home today and realized that I’d damned near become one with the work computer, so I did the male equivalent of knitting. I sat down with two ziploc bags of roadwheels for a model tank, sanded and scraped off the molding seams and them proceeded to chop, scuff, scrape and chip the “rubber” parts of the wheels to make them look like tank wheels look like after a few days in the field.

And now I’m here, back, slightly refreshed and slightly less undead than I was two days ago. Amazing what some quality time with a knife can do, as Jack the Ripper probably once said.

And, to get in the Halloween spirit, may I recommend that you go to and watch the two free episodes of “Dexter”? They were hilarious, warped, dark and in the end just like a Superboy comic book.

The next few moments may seem like free verse or stream of conscious, given the catching up I’ve done with the world today.

Kim Il Jong says he’s sorry he detonated the bad nuclear device and that he wants to kiss and makeup with the round-eyed devils – namely us. Somehow I think the conversation between the PRNK and the PRC delegate yesterday went something like . . . . “You nutty little Stalinist s**t! Set off another of those g*******D and YOU’RE going to know how the Americans felt in 1951 when they got too close to the Yalu!”

And after Dear Leader had a hairbrush taken to his ass, Jong probably snuffled a bit for being such a bad megaomaniac.

Return here for the nexr episode of “I gotta get a real job.”

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