Frontier Former Editor

September 15, 2006

FE’s Dance Party, 09-15

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After shaking my self silly, getting back on a semi-even keel and finding myself once again into the breach that is Wytheville, please allow me to put up a few off-the-wall tunes for the evening . . .

Been looking for the original video of this – nothing like good pop music (as contradictory as that phrase sounds) along with some sense of humor about dadaism.

Pop quiz: Is Jools Holland playing Rene Magritte or Jean Arp?

Not sure which is funnier – Joel Veitch’s mash with this tune and Red Army kittens, or Laibach’s own Slovenian industrial deconstruction.

Patently nonsensical, self-indulgent and with a good beat, but I laughed long and hard when Beavis and Butthead added their commentary to this little ditty . . .


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