Frontier Former Editor

September 7, 2006

I’m taking an informal survey . . .

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since my so-called President is saying that we don’t torture people and that his standing definition of torture is only something that causes major organ failure or imminent death.

1) Is my President . . .

A) a blithering idiot?

B) lacking complete touch with the world?

C) a total fuckwit?

D) thinking that membership in the SS is still open?

More than 30 years ago, I thought the world was balanced on its pointy head because our then-soon-to-be-ex-President lied to Congress, covered up a break-in and kept an enemies list with the intent of sending G. Gordon Liddy and others out to keep its members in line.

Now I have a President whose attorney general has a demeanor quite similar in banality and lack of moral fiber to that of Heinrich Himmler. I wonder if Alberto got himself through law school raising chickens, and if Karl Rove got special shoes to clear up that club foot?

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