Frontier Former Editor

August 18, 2006

FE’s Dance Party, 08-18

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I just found out I get to spend my Friday evening in beautiful downtown Wytheville, Va., so here’s a late Dance Party.

I have to admit a small place in my black, evil editor’s heart for vintage techno, so let’s kick off this week’s collection with a couple of oldies . . .

Kraftwerk, in deference to Wanda Harland

and Gary Numan

Now for tonight’s main course: big horn bands of the 60’s and 70’s

Ignore the retro space video and enjoy The Ides of March

Chicago, without so much horn in it . . .

And proof that even the later Chicago lineups couldn’t screw up a decent tune

Blood Sweat and Tears – I still groove on it

P Funk

And for dessert . . . . British girl singers!

It makes me feel very, very, very old to know this was big when I was 3. Even older when I remember liking hearing it.

Why more cowbell? How about more Petula?

And some Dusty – jeez this makes me feel older and older since I was 5 then

And to compound the feeling of shambling toward old age . . . Lulu.


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