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August 16, 2006

Pick me, ooh pick me!!!

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Vicus might appreciate this one, or he might refer me back to his rather coherent post on physics.

At any rate, we seem to be on the verge on a revision on the size and membership of our current solar system.

I also heard mention of this last night on one of the various and intellectually stimulating local news programs (watch the dripping sarcasm, please – it’s both corrosive and stains synthetics). The talking head mentioned that a scientific committee was considering whether to add the three celestial objects onto the solar system’s rolls.

If it’s an American committee, the process could very well end up like that of a country club. In that case, if these new objects are black, Jewish or Hispanic, they’ll probably be rejected unless they have Hollywood connections.

And for the less sophisticated visitors to this blog (not a commentary on my guests and friends thus far), that was a shot at American white males, not ethnic or religious groups.

You pays yer money, you takes yer chances.

and now, since YouTube doesn’t seem to have any clips from “That Was the Week That Was,” you’ll just have to settle for this homemade clip with Tom Lehrer’s take on Gilbert and Sullivan. No, not Gilbert O’Sullivan . . . .


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