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August 11, 2006

FE’s Dance Party 08-11-06: Funk and Big Strawberry Blond Dutch Girls with Horns

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Yes, it’s been that kind of week folks, so the afore-mentioned theme actually evolved quite naturally. Not to mention that ‘Big Strawberry Blond Dutch Girls wirh Horns’ could very well draw more hits than Vicus’ reference to ‘stilleto heels,’ which is actually a rather frightening thought.

It was 1984, and my grad school colleagues couldn’t keep from laughing ourselves silly at “Purple Rain” (the semi-thinking man’s ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’) On one night of drunken rage, a buddy decided he was quite capable of singing ‘Jungle Love.’ I decided at the same instant that I was capable of being his tubby white manservant Jerome, which thankfully only involved my removing someone’s door mirror and a ridiculous moment of fully-clothed, non-erotic dancing and no toast or umbrellas or newspapers or water pistols.

A reminder why I quickly picked up on Parliament Funkadelic in high school:

Hey Ziggi, they’re playing our song!

OOH! YEAH! UNNH!A little Ohio Players for da house!:

And lest you thought I was copping out on tonight’s theme . . .

And . . . it shows how old I’m feeling that Candy looks more lifelike on stage than does Sheila E . . . .

Somehow I just never pictured the phrases ‘North Sea’ and ‘jazz festival’ together in the same string, but what the hey?

And to round out tonight’s set:


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