Frontier Former Editor

July 22, 2006

Photo caption correction

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For the record, the photo I posted two days ago is, in fact, NOT Viggo Mortensen’s bare ass as was brought to my attention by several women who actually seem to have seen Mr. Mortensen’s ass.

The reaction from the above-mentioned bevy of females was reminiscent in many ways of Beavis going wild and screaming “BARE ASS ON TV! BARE ASS ON TV!”

Rather, after checking the records of the prodigious Frontier Editor photo archives, I have found that it was a daytime photograph of George W. Bush demonstrating that he truly is so dense that light bends around him.

Give it up for Shrub! The only human cloaking device!

Incidentally, as I was spell-checking this, ‘Mortensen’ brings up the replacement word ‘martens,’ thus indicating that he may very well be a weaselly sort. Be sure to watch his morally ambiguous turn in “Crimson Tide” for further suggestions.

The moral to this post? Don’t try to be coherent after 70 hours of work and 10 hours of travel trying to implement a new and improved press system.


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