Frontier Former Editor

July 14, 2006

A few keyboard exercises before tonight’s concert of inanity . . .

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Folks, it’s been a long week at casa de FE and chateau de Celestial Hell, so this is just a little loosening exercise. Please excuse if I drift, and feel welcome to pistol-whip me if I get too self-serving.

On Tuesday, we printed the last edition of our newspaper to come off the home office’s press while saying a wonderful corporate sayonara to 11 employees who found it mildly inconvenient to drive 70 miles to a new low-paying job with the corporation.

On Wednesday, I watched the first edition of any of our three publications come off the corporation’s new regional printing plant.

On Thursday, without the help of my publisher but with the more than adequate support of my group editor, I successfully fended off four local government officials whose main complaint about my editorship was that I called them in print on some stupid, rather anti-democratic stunts. In the process, I quietly but devastatingly embarrassed out paper’s general business manager who thought it was funny when we were being attacked because we helpfully pointed out in print several months ago that a convicted child molester happened to be a National Guardsman.

On Friday, I waded through the detritus that American Little League baseball has become – our town is hosting the Virginia Little League championships, and I’ve acknowledged what I’ve known for years: baseball is not fun for kids anymore. But the concession stand’s hot dog chili recipe was superb – plenty of garlic and onion and only a hint of some incendiary pepper sauce that should be banned as a weapon of mass gastrointestinal destruction.

And to round it out, one of my favorite song lyrics from little Bobby Dylan during his stint with the Travelling Wilburys(with the correct phonetic context):

“In Juhzee anyting’s leegul as long as you don’t get caught.”


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