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June 9, 2006

Going on vacation

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A temporary goodbye

On Monday, I’ll be dropping off the face of the earth for a week of not-so-fun-filled vacation (I’m driving the bus, so to speak).

Unless truly inspired or held hostage by a pack of militant possum exacting revenge for my displacement of some possum Sudetenland this past week, I may make only a few only a few scattered posts on others’ blogs (a relief to many of you, I’m sure).

Until then, if I don’t return . . .

Vicus: To keep our blithering idiot of a National Command Authority from doing something stupid and ruining my vacation plans, the countermand launch code is 6 – 00 – 23 – 18 and the password “Yes Dick may I please have another?”

Pam: Do like the Russians and strap a couple of 55-gallon drums on the back of that Explorer and rig a garden hose into the fuel system – how do you think they managed to invade Hungary and Czechoslovakia. That should get you to the Nevada state line

Cherry: You can have my ‘Avalon’ and ‘Bete Noire’ mp3 ‘shares’ as long as you find someone to permanently stun that stupid git son of Ferry’s.

Miss C: Channel me for the third funniest monkey joke. Hint – it involves the Republican National Committee, Tom DeLay, Grover Norquist and mutual self-gratification in the round.

Tom: I was never any competition for you, and never pretended to be. They’re all yours.

Carmentza: Did you ever hear the one about the FSU football fan, the UT fan and the free Gulf coast day cruise?

Richard: Your old man is tops in my book

Martha: Three cheers for the Queen – Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Anna: I left a poetry book under the parlor chair. Hope you don’t mind “The Ballad of Dan McGrew.”

And to everyone else, a little advice: smug self assurance and ability beat high yet unskilled self esteem any day of the week.

Otherwise, see you after vacation!


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