Frontier Former Editor

June 2, 2006

Not sure if it’s night terrors or the Dagwood syndrome . . .

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but here I am at 0033 Friday, typing one-handed while eating an ice cream cup (sorry if the image wasn’t what you were hoping to hang on me, but I have no plans to type one-handed for any reason other than food or drink).

Thanks to my wonderfully irregular working hours, a post-midnight wakeup is pretty routine for me. Maybe I’m regretting the unveiling of the self-threading catheter (another reason I’m headed to hell, probably).

Also a warning to those who dare read this blog – I’m the literary equivalent of a manic depressive and may switch into either sentimental or overly pensive musings. Not as bad as Robert Clive (one for Vicus here) who, having successfully exerted domination over India, woke up one morning to shave, looked in the mirror and slit his throat.

Unlike Clive, I’m not suicidal or a real manic depressive – I just have some slight mood swings and I’ve been happily manic for the last couple of days.

These ice-cream cups aren’t bad at 0040. And I’ve got a pack of brats and a leftover baked potato in the fridge for lunch . . . . maybe I was a fat, unmotivated landser in another life given my susceptibility to bread, meat and beer.


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