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May 27, 2006

And now for eine kleine schlockmusik . . .

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Today I had the experience of listening to the Dixie Chicks latest album release, “Taking the Long Way.”

As many of you all know, the Chicks encountered a rough career patch starting in 2003 when one of their number made a pointed comment or two about the National Command Authority.

That comment devolved into a public shouting match between the Chicks, country music singer/pickup truck shill Toby Keith and various radio stations and fans questioning various parties’ patriotic fervor.

Regardless of what if any position you might have taken regarding those events, the Chicks recently released a DVD purporting to state their positions and attitude about the last three years.

All I can say is: what an incredibly turgid, presumptuous, overblown, whiny collection of tuneage.

I found myself utterly unsympathetic, not with the Dixie Chicks’ stand on the public beating they’ve taken, but with a self-centered effort that focuses on their persecution and not on the general decline and fall of free speech and respect for political positions in the U.S. of A.

I can respect Toby Keith’s efforts in the last three years because they really had no pretense about what they were – cheap, pseudo sentimental rubbish with an eye toward selling records and Ford trucks.

If you want good pop, country or rock political statements, go buy a copy of John Mellencamp’s “Lonesome Jubilee” or “Scarecrow,” or pick up Springsteen’s latest folk collection.

And do yourself a favor – stay away from the Dixie Chicks and Toby Keith.


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