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May 17, 2006

More tales from England

Filed under: Cornwall, Guy Fawkes, old times — Frontier Former Editor @ 12:27 am

I mentioned Guy Fawkes Night earlier. The closest we Americans have is Halloween, but Guy Fawkes doesn’t have the pseudo-supernatural overtones that a more religiously conservative America ascribes to it. After all, we’re talking about a night where all good Britons come out to burn the effigy of someone stupid enough to be caught in proximity of several barrels of gunpowder in the basement under Parliament.
Google Guy Fawkes and read some of the more serious entries on the web and you may find that Mr. Fawkes was not the suave, swashbuckling role model for V For Vendetta. Rather, he was more of a village idiot in many ways. But he did have the motivation to help plan the Gunpowder Plot, thus his popularity as kindling.
Anyway, the RAF officers and erks in our neighborhood knew how to put together a Guy Fawkes dummy – a flight suit filled with plenty of flammables and enclosed in a Mae West life preserver with a live CO2 cartridge for that extra bang. Mount said effigy on top of a ten-foot pile of scrap wood soaked in gasoline, add a match and stand back for some real family fun before going home for a mug of hot chocolate..

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