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May 9, 2006

Tonight . . . the Blazing Saddles mini-forum!

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If I had to go throug the rest of my life with a severely depleted DVD collection, the top choice would be . . . .

‘scuse me while I whip this out . . . .


This movie has it all – Frankie Laine singing the title song. Mel Brooks with his pants down and holding a paddleball. Slim Pickens. Irish and Chinese. Insults for all races and etnicities. Alex Karras. Count Basie. Madeleine Kahn. Gay dancers. And more than I can list here tonight.

“Something About Mary” was hilarious, I’ll admit. And there’s been plenty of classic comedies before and after Blazing Saddles.

But where can you find such an assault on one’s senses and sensibilities, pride and prejudice – badadaDUM!

For my money ($19.95 plus tax when I bought the 30th anniversary DVD) Blazing Saddles is the most consistently uproarious comedy I’ve seen.

Please, feel free to respond or counter the assertions in this post. Bring a friend, if you have one. Come back the next night, if I have one.

And, as Madeleine sang . . . “wie fahhhhrrrrren gegen Engeland!!!”

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