Frontier Former Editor

April 27, 2006

Ever heard a Teamster joke?

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These are the journalistic equivalent of Helen Keller jokes, which makes them so damned much fun!

Two Teamsters are standing around talking. The first Teamster notices that the second Teamster keeps looking down at a snail near his foot and getting more and more on edge.

Finally, the second Teamster stomps the snail and crushes it into snail dust and slime.

“Hey, whydjya do that?” the first Teamster yells. “That snail wasn’t hurtin’ any thing.”

“The hell you say,” the second Teamster yells. “That damned snail’s been followin me around all day!”

Ba da da DUM!

– How many Teamsters does it take to unload a tractor-trailer? What damn business is it of YOURS?!!

– How can you tell the Teamsters’ kids at the local playground? They’re the ones sitting in lawnchairs and eating doughnuts.

– How can you tell when a Teamster’s died? The doughnut drops out of his hand.

That felt good. You don’t know how good . . .

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