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April 13, 2006

More on the immigration debate . . .

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God love Georgie Anne Geyer too. She and Molly Ivins are pointing out something very important that’s being left out of this whole immigration debate . . .

(Note: the uExpress link automatically updates to the current Geyer column, so use the archives link to go to the April 13 column – thanks)

Immigration A NEWS ITEM FROM OUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE?(April 13, 2006) from

WASHINGTON — Here’s a news item from my wishful-thinking file:
After three weeks of demonstrations across America by illegal immigrants and others, President George W. Bush on May 1, 2006, gave a speech that was praised across America for its clarity and forthrightness — and that brought forth renewed hopes for Republican victories in the coming elections. We reprint portions here:
———————————————————————————Dear fellow American citizens, legal immigrants, illegal workers, and friends and colleagues across the world:
It is time for clarity on the crucial question of illegal immigration to our beloved republic. The truth may be painful to some — it often is — but we Americans can no longer live in this fairytale world of borderless nations, of men and women here illegally demanding “rights” and of specious economic rationales for illegal behavior. You know what a stickler I am for the correct usages of words, so let’s get a few things clear right away.


A great photo album

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The U.S. Naval Historical Center’s Photographic Section is one of the best kept non-secrets when it comes to historical photographic archives online.

Where else can you browse and see stuff like this?

The Photographic Section has several ways in which photographs are catalogued for access, but browsing the Numerical List of Posted Images can be very rewarding, even with the extra effort of clicking on serial numbers.

Once, I found a photo of a young Gerald Ford playing basketball on an aircraft carrier’s hangar deck.

Beauty, even in the threat of fiery death

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Does that even count as haiku?

I ran across this website a few months ago thanks to It’s a collection of WW II Japanese civil defense posters, leaflets and texts in the National Archives of Japan’s website.

Diagram of USAAF B-29 range coverage of the Home Islands from bases in China, Alaska and the South Pacific

Strange to see images so well done, clear and, well, beautiful before remembering this was a country’s response to strategic bombing.

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