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April 6, 2006

Ever wake up and feel like you’re in medieval times?

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Before I ramble on, I’ll say now that I have no reason to attack anyone for having religious beliefs.

My problem is a world in which religion is increasingly crowding out the most basic rational thought and even proven scientific principles.

I wish I could remember the name of this guy and his exact quote, but a paraphrase of it goes: you can’t look at a sunrise or sunset and not believe in God.

And this has an inherent truth: something started all of this. But that something also introduced randomness and messiness into a perfect earth. Why do we have leap year? Why did the tsunami throw off the earth’s rotation by a fraction of a second a year?

But at the same time, I hear it from a lot of people in my community: God is punishing society for homesexuality/genetic engineering/secular humanism/insert your wordly behavior of choice.

And I hear it just as often: the King James Bible is the absolute, literal word and law of God.

No, the King James Bible was a government committee project that somehow managed to include some worthwhile thoughts and some beautiful turns of phrases. But it’s still a translation and interpretation of many previous translations and interpretations of ancient writings. Who knows how much has been added, lost or twisted in the intervening centuries?

Even though it’s a movie quote, I think Spencer Tracy’s line in “Inherit the Wind” still has merit: “It’s a book, a good book, but not the only book.”

Never write a blog entry less than 10 minutes after waking up . . . .

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