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April 2, 2006

On ‘mainstream media’ . . . . .

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As a blogger and a newspaper editor, just about everything I’m about to write this evening will probably cut me both ways . . . .

First, thanks to qrswave for his post on my photography and my comments about blogging and self importance.

Part of the reason I started this blog (besides being a safe outlet for psychotic episodes) was to encourage discussion on various topics.

I try to take a look from both sides of the fence. Many corporate media entities have been looking at this miasma of declining circulation, the impact of the Internet, and the rise of ‘citizen journalism’ (ie. blogs, chat, e-mail, camera phones and other web-based communication).

While digital cameras and USB-capable recorders are touted as “force multipliers” for news staffers, those staffers still have to collect and write news in addition to collecting sound and images for a growing emphasis on Net-based news media.

As for “fairly,” that argument has been going on for as long as there have been newspapers . . . and radio and television outlets and networks, and Internet-based media outlets. Bias is everywhere, folks, and as a newspaper editor, all I can do is my level best to ensure that all sides in a situation get a fair hearing so their respective arguments rise and fall on their own merits.

And being in the dual role of editorial page editor, I have to do my level best to rationally analyze and argue for or against positions and present those opinions in a fair and proper context.

As for blogging, ultimately I feel it’s a god thing for media. As for reliability and accuracy, I still feel that the quality of blogging is as variable as is the quality of “mainstream media” in the eyes of the bloggers.

When trained reporters and bloggers exercise diligence in getting the story accurately and in a fair context, everyone benefits.

But too often, in my personal experience, some bloggers and e-mail processors end up playing that old children’s game where the kids line up and one person starts by whispering a message into the next kid’s ear. As the process is repeated, the message often gets so garbled that all meaning, context and accuracy are lost.

Thus, I still feel that a professional, well-trained and well-staffed “mainstream media” is vital to any hope of a democratic society. And quality bloggers, in my view, are also critical to that ideal.

If you look how pamphleteers and underground newspapers have played a role in our history and in the overthrow of many a repressive society, I think you’ll understand my feelings about blogging.

It must be spring . . . . I had to mow

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Despite who’s occupying the White House and the Naval Observatory (or unknown, secure National Command authority decentralized location), this weekend was actually pretty pleasant. It did a world of good to be able to blow oil and condensate through the lawn mower and chop down the growth.

Lazy Sunday, so it’s time for a . . . . photo exhibit!

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Welcome back to whatever time it is today on the Eastern Seaboard.

I was reading one of our Commonwealth’s political bloggers this morning as he bemoaned how blogs were becoming too centered on their creators’ opinions and sense of self-importance.

The very fact that someone would create a blog immediately brings that person’s sense of self-imprtance along as carry-on baggage, so why worry about it?

Anyway, I was looking through my own archive of unpublished, non-corporate photography and figured why not have a little Sunday morning art show.

Here’s a quick exhibit of Southwest Virginia images for your viewing pleasure . . . .

U.S. Route 23 above Powell Valley, Wise County, Va. 2002

The former Robert E. Lee Motel, U.S. Highway 11W, Washington County, Va., 2003

Doe and fawn, Breaks Interstate Park, Dickenson County, Va., 2003

A Pitts S-2 in a hammerhead stall over Tazewell County Airport, Tazewell County, Va., 2005

Town of Coeburn after March flooding, Wise County, Va., 2002

Big Cherry Mountain reservoir spillway, Big Stone Gap, Va. 2002

Big Stone Gap, from Wallens Ridge, Wise County, Va., 2003

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